Sunlight Centre - Crisis Counselling

Are You Self Harming?

Why am I self harming?

Intentionally harming yourself is one way to express difficult emotions. Self-harm might be your way of releasing distress or anger. It may be the only way you know how to cope. The Sunlight Centre can support you with alternate coping strategies, that might reduce and even stop the self-harm.

Counselling support

Our confidential face to face counselling is available at our Morningside and Carindale locations. You can self-refer and do not need a mental health plan or referral from a medical practitioner to access our counselling.

Contact us now by phone 1300 259 724 or use our Online Form to access counselling. Please provide your name and contact information, and your preferred days and times to access counselling. One of our qualified counsellors or mental health workers will be in contact within 24 hours to respectfully discuss your support needs.

Some people also find it helpful to tell a friend or family member and confide in someone you trust about what’s happening. It is normal to be worried about talking about your feelings.

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Testimonial from a counselling client:

“The Sunlight Centre provided a safe space where I could express my feelings and thoughts without feeling threatened or unsafe. I never felt pressured to answer any questions or felt judged. I've gained a new mindset and a skill set to be able to deal with my anxieties and depression head on; in a productive and beneficial way. At the moment I am reaping the benefits of the work we've done over the last number of months and I couldn't be happier. I'm now able to look forward instead of feeling consumed by present and past fears; I can now answer my own inner voice with confidence and reassurance. I feel in control of situations in my life that once over whelmed me. So, once again, thank you!“