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Corporate Partnerships

The Sunlight Centre is committed to providing free services to the community targeted at preventing self harm and suicide and improving mental wellness.

To do this and continue to grow and help more people in our community we need your help.

We are seeking to develop strong partnerships with businesses to create mutually beneficial relationships and help more people in need.

Revenue from Partners helps develop The Sunlight Centre in the following areas:

  • Wages for our Accredited Counsellors.
  • Providing crisis counselling free of charge.  We offer 15 weeks of counselling per client.
  • One counsellor can work with 36 new clients over one year.
  • Conduct workshops and events for schools, sporting groups, businesses and community organisations.
  • Extend our research in the Mental Health of our local community to support service planning and delivery.
  • Meet our operational costs, including our counselling facilities.
  • Develop resources and information for the community about mental wellness.

Are we a good fit for your Business?

The Sunlight Centre want to build strong partnerships with corporate brands wishing to help grass roots charities and support the mental health of our community by delivering support services for families and individuals.


The Sunlight Centre is always looking for volunteers to help us out.

Our Volunteers are imperative in the success of our events which help fund our costs and allow us to provide more services and see more people.

If you would like to sign up as a volunteer please enter your details below. Someone will get back to you within 24 hours.