Sunlight Centre - Crisis Counselling

Counselling Process

We understand that you may be feeling alone, afraid, and uncertain of what to do right now. You might also be feeling isolated and unsure about how to talk to friends and family about your feelings because you may be worried about how they may react. These feelings are common. Research tells us that sharing how you feel with a family member or friend can be very helpful and allows them to help you.

What you can expect if you contact us for counselling?

Our free face to face counselling is available at our Morningside and Carindale locations. You do not need a mental health plan or referral from a medical practitioner to access our counselling. Counselling is:

  • confidential and personalised based on your individual needs, and
  • provided in a welcoming and safe environment. 

We support you through the recovery process using non-judgemental evidence-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy counselling methods.

Process overview

  • The first step is to call or email us to ask about our counselling. If you don’t feel you can manage this, ask a friend or family member to contact us on your behalf or to support you while you do it.
  • One of our counsellors or mental health workers will call you back within 24 hours. They will be authentic and non-judgemental and will ask you some questions to understand your support needs to ensure we are a service that can meet your needs. If we are, we will work with you and our counselling team to arrange an appointment time with one of our accredited counsellors.
  • Do not worry about your appointment. Our accredited counsellors are compassionate, non-judgemental, and welcoming.
  • Counselling rooms provide a confidential space to talk and are designed to provide a warm and comfortable environment. You may like to bring a friend or family member with you to the first appointment. There is room for them in the counselling room or they can wait in our reception area while you talk to the counsellor.
  • You will need to provide phone contact details of a support person to ensure we have an In Case of Emergency Contact. After the first appointment, we’ll arrange for one of our counsellors to start your counselling.
  • Appointments are usually 50 minutes.
  • You will work with the same accredited counsellor for your entire Sunlight Centre journey. They will support you in the recovery process across up to 15 counselling sessions using evidence-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy counselling methods.

Counselling examples

Attention: Some readers may find the following content trigging as the counselling examples contain specific examples and information about thoughts of suicide and self-harm.  Use your discretion. You may wish to stop reading if you think the content may be triggering. Details have been been changed to deidenitfy the examples.

Mark Under 18 years
Mark engaged with us after a family member heard about the charity. Mark had been living with active self-harm for a few years when he met with his Sunlight Centre counsellor. Mark completed over 10 sessions and, in that time, found the strength and empowerment to stop self-harm for over two months at the time he finished counselling. Mark was able to openly discuss his sexual and gender identity and found other great resources for future support around his identity.   
Lisa 19-24 years
Lisa contacted us with her social worker from a community organisation after the Sunlight Centre gave a talk at their location. Lisa has been living with suicidal thoughts for many years while struggling with work and relationships. Lisa is an active client with us and has been sharing her thoughts and feelings in counselling to enable her to move toward developing new coping skills and positive relationships. Current feedback indicates she plans to complete counselling soon and is beginning a new job soon.
Alexa 25-39 years
Alexa rang us after a youth service gave her our details. Alexa engaged with our counsellor for just under four months about suicidal thoughts, and past family trauma. At the wrap up session, Alexa was engaging in education and expressed that she felt the dark storm she was in, was behind her.  
Steven 25-39 years
Steven was given our number by a local organisation. Steven had reached out for mental health support and couldn’t get on a waiting list for support and did not know which way to turn. Steven was able to immediately engage in counselling with The Sunlight Centre. 
Sarah 25-39 years
Sarah connected with our counsellor at the Hope Hub Carindale. Sarah was a walk-in client and was able to engage that day on her first step in counselling. When Sarah finished engaging with us, she reported that she was connected again with some friends and felt more empowered.