Sunlight Centre - Crisis Counselling

Welcome to the Sunlight Centre

The Sunlight Centre provides free face to face counselling for teens and adults experiencing suicidal thoughts and self-harm behaviour

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Self Referral

Our clients can self refer and do not require a mental health Plan. Clients will work with the same accredited counsellor for the entire journey

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Partner With Us

The Sunlight Centre is always looking to build mutual beneficial partnerships with relevant corporates in the local market

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Counselling Client

"The Sunlight Centre provided a safe space where I could express my feelings and thoughts without feeling threatened or unsafe"

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If you are experiencing a mental health emergency now and you (or a person you are supporting) are an immediate risk of acting on thoughts of suicide, call 000

2017 Facts from the Australian Bureau of Statistics


Close to 9 Australians ended their lives each day in 2017.

Suicide was the biggest preventable killer of under 18s in Australia last year.

75% of completed suicides were male.
1 in 5

Each year approximately 1 in every 5 Australians will experience a mental illness.
Welcome to the Sunlight Centre

We are here to help

The Sunlight Centre provides free face to face counselling for teens and adults struggling with suicide or self harm.

Our clients can access free counselling with an accredited and experienced counsellor at our Centre in Morningside and at the Hope Hub at Westfield Carindale.

Clients do not require a mental health plan and can self refer.

60% of The Sunlight Centre’s donation and fundraising is allocated to direct services and programs provided to clients and families impacted by suicide and self-harm.


Sunlight Centre services are free.

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Introduction to the Sunlight Centre

  • "We are here to provide free crisis counselling for adults and under 18's when they're in suicidal distress and/or self harm behaviour"


Articles and Information

Supporting Individuals with Self-harm Tendencies

This course will guide you through the basics of how you can support your close one who have tendencies of self-harming.

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Support for Suicide

Suicide is the act of intentionally ending one’s own life. It is important to note that there is often no single reason as to why an individual dies by suicide or attempts it. Several factors may contribute to it, making it a complex case.

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